The Veil Between Worlds is Thinner

Pais and Robin at SL Holland

Real Life Version

Pais and Robin at SL Holland and the RL version of the same place

Several months ago I wrote about my trip to visit friends I met in SL and I tried to describe what it was like to make connections to real life that started in Second Life. There are a lot of aspects of how virtual worlds can help us immerse and/or augment the real world, and I find it interesting when we can keep stirring that pot.

This week Google Earth announced a new map gallery of ancient Rome. This is pretty cool, although as I was trying to move around Rome in Google Earth, I missed the avatar-based navigation that helps give a more human dimension and interaction to the virtual landscape.

I have always thought Earth was one of the milestones of killer apps for geographical information system (GIS) technologies that have helped bring map data to the mainstream.

Not to get all fanboi on the goog, but I am into maps and GIS, and making their API usable for mashups has enabled a lot of creative mapish web apps.

And that brings us to this brilliant app by kid genius inventor Johnathan Raymaker.

A Screenshot of Johna's RL to SL Map

A Screenshot of Johna's web app to Map Real Life Locations to Second Life Versions.

You don’t need me to tell you much other than give you the link so you can start exploring. A cool feature is that the content can be crowdsourced – people can add more links of real life address to second life landmark links.

Way to go Johna!

4 responses to “The Veil Between Worlds is Thinner

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  3. Good stuff, Pais … love the matched pics!

  4. Viajero Pugilist

    Very cool. Hope it grows.

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