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This is a general reference page for Meta7, the Opensim grid created by Sacha Magne that is operated by Magne Metaverse Research, LLC.

I don’t work for MMR and I am not the official spokesman (spokeskid? spokesavatar?), however, I find it interesting so I am providing some general references and reports along the way. This is a work in progress, so check back.

Meta7 got its start as K-Grid. Read about how K-Grid became Meta7 in this blog. I try to use category tags on my posts – find all posts about Meta7 with this link.

Meta7 References:

  • Creating an account – at time, create accounts on K-Grid (info here). In the near future, K-Grid will be migrated to new servers. Along with this hardware upgrade will also be many software upgrades. At this time existing K-grid accounts will be migrated to Meta7.
  • Download and configure a client – just as you do with Second Life, to access Meta7 you need to download client software. Currently, there are three clients:
  1. There is now a Meta7 client – this is probably the best way to go. Download it here. This client is based on the Emerald client but modified by the Meta7 code monkeys. The reason you want it? MMR is developing innovative tools and functions that cannot be found in SL or Opensim, and some of these use the client to operate.
  2. Here is the info for using the Emerald client. If you like to twiddle with code, you can get the source code and make your own modifications.
  3. Here is info for using the Hippo client (which works, but is no longer supported).
  • Exhange Lindens for Meta$ – Meta7 now has an economy engine so in-world items can be exchanged for M$. There are two main ways to get M$ in your Meta7 account:
  1. Login at with your Meta7 account at their web page here and use PayPal, or
  2. set up the link between your Second Life and Meta7 accounts, then  you can pay at intergrid hubs in Second life, such as the one at
  • Get help or information:
  1. The Meta7 forums
  2. Stay informed with Twitter: There are feeds for General Announcements and Status

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