The most popular page by far on this bog so far has been the one I did explaining how to create an account, download a client, and log into K-Grid. So I am creating this page so there is an easier way to find info. It seems every time something gnarly or mean happens with Second Life, there is a surge moving to K-Grid. Meanwhile, there are lots of great things happening with the team that is bringing us K-Grid – with each new improvement they make, there is more reason to be there.

  • K-Grid web page: http://k-grid.com/
  • My previous blog on how to use the “hippo” client is here. Note that this client is no longer being maintained.
  • So I created a new blog on how to use the “Emerald” client here.
  • I try to remember to tag my posts – find all with the K-Grid category with this link.

K-Grid is now Meta7


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