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Election Concession

A non-avatar wins the 2008 US presidential election
A non-avatar wins the 2008 US presidential election

I had fun running for president, and some of my buddies said they were thinking about writing me in on the ballet. As I look at the election returns and the hundreds of newspapers from the day after election, I must concede the election to Mr. Obama. People have been calling this election “historic”, but electing an avatar may have been even more so. There will be more elections, and perhaps some day an avatar may find themselves being teleported to the White House.

I congratulate Mr. Obama on his decisive victory. If how he ran the campaign is any evidence, he will hopefully be able to restore intelligence, honor, and integrity to the White House.

As an aside, as I was looking at newspapers the day after election, I was reminded how when I got my name “Pais” I liked how it has a Greek root for “kid”, it was easy to type and say, but it was not as unique as I thought. As you can see, it is the name of a major newspaper. Oh well.