Daily Archives: 3 November 2008

Exploring the Isle of Wyrms

Riding a dragon

Getting a Dragon's View

I am in the Kulture Kids group that gets together to have fun and check out cool places in Second Life, and this weekend Sven organized a trip to a bunch of sims that make up the Isle of Wyrms.

We started out touring through beautiful country side on our horses. Then we found our way to the massive cathedral where the dragons live. We met a huge, beautiful, and friendly dragon named Bea who told us about her world and also goofed around with us and we had some laughs. Then we met Redy9 who let four of us ride. Robin and me had to ride in his claws, which was trippy as heck.

I am not at all doing justice to this place – it is huge, it is beautiful, and it is a place where dragons are more real than anywhere I have been. Besides the website I linked to above, there is also a forum and a wiki all about this SL world of dragons.

I have a new computer and it is like seeing SL in a whole different way now that I don’t have to run with the graphics quality on its lowest setting. I also wanted to practice capturing video and posting it to the web. I have a long way to go to learn all the tricks for capture, editing, and processing.

Thanks to the wonderful individuals at the Isle of Wyrms. As we explored the many sims there, we wondered to each other about the Linden price changes. It is sad to think that this place, which is using these sims in such a beautiful way, may have to abandon or downsize.