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Ship of Fools on a Cruel Sea

There is quite a flurry of posts over at the SL Forums regarding the new LL policy that will surely impact everyone. I put a post out with the same title as this blog, that I will repeat below. The title, by the way, comes from a song. Here’s the text of my post… or you can read it at the forum here. I encourage everyone to become active and vocal in this to hold LL accountable to their actions and to try to figure out how to get some good sense out of this mess.

Ship of Fools on a Cruel Sea

I can understand that LL may have needed to make an adjustment, but resorting to such spastic means that amount to a bait-and-switch seem to be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

As I try to read between the lines to see any solid business or technical decision, it is trumped by the simple betrayal of the customer and creativity base that are obviously going to be leaving in droves.

Perhaps LL is looking at poising themselves to a different kind of market. Virtual worlds has certainly been seeing a lot of development on many fronts. One of the purposes of my time here other than fun and creativity was working to build a proposal and business case for real investment by my RL research and development employer. One of the levels of risk I had written into that proposal was the inability to maintain stability, deliver promised improvements and functionality, and provide a stable business environment.

This kind of knee-jerk attempt at managing a problem has taken LL off the list of potential partners. I will not take a proposal to my management asking for funding to work with anyone with these symptoms, when I have a growing list of alternative platforms, not the least of which is OpenSim, that may not be as robust, but at least there we can mitigate changes that undercut our efforts.

Perhaps LL is looking to shift their emphasis – if that is the case they should have spun off another division or company rather than betraying so many paying customers.

For all my friends that have bought sims, poured in their imagination and coordinated others behind a common vision to build a place of imagination and friendship – I thank you. I am sorry you are going to abandon these places we have made our second homes.

Maybe there is a chance LL will get a whiff of sense and reconsider this foolishness before the house of cards falls, but yet a lot of trust is lost. Even if we hang on to what we had, there is little incentive to take further risks or investments with this group.