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  1. (18 October 2009) Hippo is no longer being supported, but there is a client called Emerald that is even better. Read about here. Also, I created a page for this and other K-Grid topics;
  2. (14 April 2009) I updated this post 26 December 2008 to reflect the domain name change from k-grid.net to k-grid.com. I did another update 14 April 2009 to reflect changes in the process.

I downloaded the Hippo OpenSim client and was able to visit k-grid with it. I thought I would make a quick how-to blog about it. I didn’t spend a lot of time doing QA/QC on this, so it may be a bit sparse in the info/accuracy part. Also, I did the Mac version, so if you have Linux or Windows it may be a tad different.

1. You need a k-grid.com account. Ask Sacha Magne if you have questions about this.

2. I got the client viewer from here.

3. Now run it. You need to tell it what grid you have, and there’s a “Grids” button at the bottom of the login screen to pull up the properties tab for doing this.

Login screen of the Hippo OpenSim Viewer

Login screen of the Hippo OpenSim Viewer

4. Set up the grid properties

K-Grid Preferences for the Grids setup

K-Grid Preferences for the Grids setup

1. click the “Add” button

3. enter “http://grid.k-grid.com:8002/” in the “Login URL” blank

4. click “Get Grid Info” – this will connect to the address you entered and fill in the rest of the info as you see here.

5. click “Default” so that kgrid will now show up there as default.

6. click apply

Now, back on the main login screen,  you can enter the login info you created at k-grid.com when you registered there, and you should be good to go.

See you on the grid!


14 responses to “k-grid info

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  2. OK I get a log in error when I try to log into k-grid, it reads ‘despite our best efforts something had gon wrong please check second life for info’ what have i donr wrong?
    I followed your instructions but keep getting this error.

  3. Nathan Pollock


    Thank you for the K-Grid instructions Pais.
    Much appreciated.

    Nathan Pollock

  4. @Wez: I am behind a firewall right now and can’t check on this… normally this means either the server is unreachable (if it is down or something), or there is something that keeps it from fully connecting to your client (such as one of your ports blocked by a firewall). Normally when I see this error, it is when I am behind a firewall, or when the servers are temporarily down. I am checking with Sacha to see if he can offer more info.

  5. bob711 aeghin

    the hippo viewer is different now and wont work with the settings you have :(

  6. @bob711 – I have two levels of response to this, because it brings up a very valid issue that we all have to understand:
    1) first, I created this blog last December and things have been changing – I will look into this and try to keep this updated so i can help make this process as painless and easy as possible.
    2) We also need to realize that we are used to using second life, run by a well-funded and -staffed corporation. k-grid is run by love and people working extra hours around their day jobs – so thanks for letting me know my blog needs updating and also thanks for the patience for me getting to it.

  7. bob711 aeghin

    Oh no I didnt mean that to insult you :( I am so sorry!!! I wasn’t trying to do that please don’t take it that way. I am trying to get on the K-grid and cant do it :( The viewer will only open and then close itself on my computer so I tried the hippo view and it isnt connection. I thought may be i was doing something wrong I am so confused :(

  8. @bob711 – My apologies… No insult was taken and I didn’t mean to sound as if it were… I was hoping no one got overly frustrated. Also – I checked my settings that currently work and they were not different. I am checking with Sacha and will post any changes that are needed to this blog.

  9. bob711 aeghin

    ok thankyou friend :)

  10. Thanks to everyone for your comments – I just got some fresh screen captures and updated a few things that changed since I last updated this blog… hopefully this will help.

  11. bob711 aeghin

    Thankyou so much!!!! I actually was able to log onto the K-grid yes!!! I am so excited!!! Thanks for all your work and time!!! :)

  12. Frodon Kidd

    Thanks to you my Cousin for such a great help ^^
    See you soon in k-grid :-)

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