Virtual Choir

Screen shot of the virtual choir video

If you haven’t seen this virtual choir, you may enjoy this video.

It is not exactly a virtual world like Second Life, but it has some of the same kinds of characteristics. Of course, when I heard the sound of the choir together, I thought about any other use of home computer microphones where there is such bad acoustics and interference, and was in disbelief that it could really work. I suppose the real trick was it wasn’t in real-time, but that “untold hours” were spent editing and mixing.

Here’s one of the individual choir member’s contributions:

There’s more at the Eric Whitacre’s “how we did it” blog.

I know a choir composed of individuals on their computers in separate times and locations may seem antithetical to the nature of choral music, since I have thought that a component of choirs is joining our voices, breathing, and perhaps minds together into a resonant union of oneness. However, there is the quote from the above blog: “When I saw the finished video for the first time I actually teared up. The intimacy of all the faces, the sound of the singing, the obvious poetic symbolism about our shared humanity and our need to connect; all of it completely overwhelmed me. ”

I entered virtual worlds several years ago with a not knowing what was on the other side. I had no expectations that compare to the impact that have come through that portal. This “need to connect” and the potential to do that in virtual worlds are what make them most interesting.


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