Lightshare on Meta7

Meta7 has been racking up a lot of accomplishments, but  regular users like myself may not necessarily notice most of these. We just expect to be able to log in and do our thing and we don’t really notice the things that are working – we just complain when things don’t.

Recently the programmers working at Magne Metaverse Research rolled out a new capability called LightShare Technology. You may remember WindLight capabilities that was added to Second Life some time back. I remember seeing screen shots back then that gave me more reason to want a new computer, so I had a video card that could deliver such beautiful views from the virtual worlds.

LightShare takes this control over a region’s atmospheric parameters to a new level, since it allows the region owner to use scripts to make changes. This may not be a big deal if you don’t build or do any scripting. If you do, LightShare will give you more capability to control the environmental appearance in the virtual world spaces you create. By using scripts, your worlds can be even more dynamic than before. To find out more, go to their LightShare web page.

I had a lot of fun playing with this. I didn’t really do any permanent building or scripting, but I did make a couple videos. In the first, I stayed in one location, but captured views using different atmospheric settings, to demonstrate how dramatic they can be. The second video talks about how to do this yourself.  Don’t watch these on this page, pop out to see them on their youtube pages – be sure to use the “HD” option, especially in the first one.

LightShare in itself is relatively minor, but it does give us a taste of things to come from Magne Metaverse Research for Meta7 – fun innovations for their virtual world users.


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