Avatars and Azkaban

Half-blood Prince mania

Half-blood Prince mania

Sometimes it is fun to let the kid part of ourselves get excited when a new episode of a serial is set to open.  I found this little gimmick while checking out previews on the film’s website.

Update, 22 July 2009: I saw the movie a couple nights ago and enjoyed it. I am not sure what it would be like for those who hadn’t seen the previous movies or read the “Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince” book. In the weeks prior to this movie’s release, I watched the five previous movies in sequence, then re-read the sixth book to become as fully immersed in the story as possible. It seemed like the movie, which had a lot of material to cover from the thick book, had to move pretty quickly through the story, so little time was spend establishing scenes or re-iterating previous story lines.

I thought the cinematography and acting was excellent. The story was amended from the book more than had been done previously, but I think it improved the logic and flow without changing the overall story. I was happily surprised that Harry’s character was better played by Daniel – or perhaps it was the directing as well as the acting – giving much more depth.

The Pais in me had a lot of fun exercising our imagination with this movie.


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