Debut of “This Kidd’s Life”

Pais has been in the studio taping his first podcast

Pais has been in the studio taping his first podcast

[Update: the show has been posted to the Milk N Kookies web site – you can stream it from there or download a copy of the MP3 file at this link. My podcasts begins at 18:23]

I have always liked the idea of a radio station as part of the assets of our world. The Milk N Kookies show is now a year old, award winning SL podcast that continues to keep evolving. There is the cool building for the radio station broadcasts and teaching (where I took the snapshots in this post). Now the concept of “Metaverse Radio” is taking shape.

For months I have been thinking about what kinds of content that I might create that might be interesting, and I have been talking to Koffee about ideas. I really didn’t think I had that much of interest to say (which of course is likely). Then recently I went to a conference related to virtual worlds, and as I was taking notes during a meeting, I was thinking I should try share some of the info.

I could have just written the notes up here… but, why not try something new? So doing of podcast was also something to play with… since I had to learn how to actually product a recording. You can see from other of my earlier blogs that I like to play with stuff – I learned how to DJ (although I have yet to do an actual show), shoot videos, then I learned how to get Pais to talk, so they I was thinking I could see if I could create a podcast kind of show.

Tune into the Milk N Kookies show this Saturday at Noon SLT!

Tune into the Milk N Kookies show this Saturday at Noon SLT!

So I had a topic, a voice, but I needed some sort of format concept. I was listening to one of the podcasts I always have on my nano, a show called “This Americn Life“, and I like its format, there’s always a theme, then liberal use of musical bumpers between spoken sections. I am over simplifying, but those are the basic aspects I used for inspriration, as well as the name of this show, “This Kidd’s Life”.

I finished editing last night and uploaded it to Koffee. Assuming the Milk N Kookies guys find room for it in their show, it will debut at this weeks broadcast of the show, this Saturday at noon SLT. Of course, if you miss the show, it will later be available at the Milk N Kookies website. After you hear it, let me know what you think, even if you hated it, so I can decide if I should make more or make changes.


One response to “Debut of “This Kidd’s Life”

  1. Awesome to have you on board, Pais. I’m looking forward to your segments!

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