Pais Speaks

Another quick video that I posted to test some things. I am using a MacBook and mostly iLife09 software. In this one, Pais is talking. I am not sure if the voice is quite right – I built a filter in Garage Band to create a voice that seems to be more appropriate to Pais. Does it sound too strange? I also still need to figure out how to maintain image quality through the processing steps that happen as the video files get uploaded to youtube.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email me, IM me, or comment here or on youtube.


2 responses to “Pais Speaks

  1. hehe, nice test Pais :)

  2. Like the test vid. Hmmm have no idea how to omit the “voice indicators” above your head, and as for improving quality, I saw a post some time ago about appending something to the URL that forced a higher resolution, maybe on the client though. If I find it, I will post it here, but really nice work on the vid.

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