K-Grid.com Shakedown

Sacha is the founder, brat, and banger upon code for K-Grid.com

Sacha is the founder, brat, and banger-upon-code for K-Grid.com

K-Grid.com is an OpenSim grid that allows us to try out another take on a Second Life type of Virtual World.  I did a post last December that tells how to get an account, set up a viewer, and log on to k-grid. (I also did another post about Sacha and me trying out some hyper-grid travel between other opensim grids).

Ok, so there’s around 40 sims now in k-grid, people have been doing a lot of building, creation and upload of essentials like shapes, skins, hair, clothes, scripts, and other stuff, so even though things are still a bit rough around the edges, it is getting to a quite usable state.

There been a lot of people asking about it, and wanting to see it. They have been hearing that there will be new types of features available like RealxTend that will soon be giving us some very interesting alternatives to Second Life. It also places more control over the entire experience and system into the user/operators.

Milk n Kookies is a weekly radio show keeping SL kids informed and entertained

Milk n Kookies is a weekly radio show keeping SL kids informed and entertained

We wanted to share all this with others, while testing out k-grid while we were at it, so Milk n Kookies did a show there. (Go to their website to listen/download their show)

Check out the video above. It turned out to be a great test – first of all it piqued interest and we all worked on getting the word out to people on how to get an account, get set up, so they were ready for Saturday’s show. Next, since over 30 avatars showed up, we were able give the system a shakedown and see how it did. This was the most concurrent used k-grid has had so far.

Audio I used for the video was Rai Fargis’ segment from the Milk n Kookies show. It is a fun dialog (the protagonist voice sounds a little like Arnold Schwartzeneggar, huh?).

Yea, it crashed a few times - just like SL :-)

Yea, it crashed a few times - just like SL :-)

Sure, we crashed the sim several times. That was no big deal, most of us were streaming the show directly to our computers and kept logging back in and running back. Actually, before the show was done, Sacha had figured out what was causing the crashes.

Be sure to keep checking out k-grid.com and mnkradio.com for more updates.


One response to “K-Grid.com Shakedown

  1. Great Pais :) and Great segment from Rai.

    When we decided to have a MnK show there, we expected just a bunch of peeps daring to walk the step., certainly not 30 !

    Pple were still coming coming back after each crash and started counting how many avatars left before reaching the fatidic 30 limitation.

    Most of them realised there are alternative to SL and that won’t mean we won’t go back andforth between SL and other grids.

    Of course, Osim is still a bumpy roads but a weekend without sim crashing wouldn’t be a SecondLifeWeekend after all ;)

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