TP Wormhole

This morning Pais woke up as usual in his skybox bed, put on his clothes, and hit the three-key sequence to teleport “home” – which is set to being basically around 700 meters directly below where he was in his bedroom. He after the teleport blackness, he saw rezzing around him a winter scene at the doorway of “Chalet Linden” on land owned by “Governor Linden”.

Let’s switch to first-person narrative to let Pais tell this more directly…

I was a tad confused, and as I saw more and more names being reported by my av-scanner, I realized they were all also teleporting in at my location so I stepped away a bit from that location to get my situational awareness. Most people weren’t talking, so I started some chat to affirm my suspicions – that there was some bug or feature that were shifting lots of people’s teleport home to this place.

At first I had that momentary wave of frustration one gets when confronted by a glitch, but it was quickly replaced by a couple other thoughts, like:

  1. What a cool trick to play!
  2. What an interesting stream of avatars coming through… all kinds of types, species, dress, languages, attitudes, reactions.
  3. What a cool way to see a metric of the activity of SL – divert TP’s to “home” to a place then see who you get.
  4. What a cool way to study people’s behavior.
  5. Maybe someone is studying our behavior!
  6. Maybe this is actually a kind of “invitation” – but to what?

So I started walking around and talking to people, and then explored a bit to look for clues. Maybe this was a test. It appeared a lot of people were simply going to their inventory or search, finding a LM and teleporting away. I was too curious to leave just yet. I was walking around looking for clues (the one thing that caught my eye in the otherwise sterile ski lodge building was a writing desk with a hand-written letter on it. The letter looked like a real thing, and scanning it didn’t reveal to me a connection between the TP wormhole and this place).

Back outside near where a near-constant stream of new arrivals were, I saw this cool looking, barely humanoid, actually more ETish avatar. My inner sense told me that regardless of their appearance, there was something cool about this person, so I started chatting. The next thing I know we started having lots of laughs. His name was Piero and he started giving me a bunch of gestures that were increasingly silly. I have him some of my favorites and we took turns trying them out.

Pais and Piero playing with gestures and costumes

Pais and Piero playing with gestures and costumes

Sorry this isn’t a very good picture, you can barely see my little bro Ron in the back who came looking for me and starting playing as well. We are wearing my silly hat and some costume that Piero had that went with a gesture/dance/music with maracas.

I don’t know if this TP error was a bug or what… I did a quick look on the incident/bug JIRA list and didn’t find it. I was having a great time when my human got a calendar reminder of a meeting so I had to leave.

I have to admit, out of all the bugs I have encountered in SL, this was one of the most fun. I can almost seeing subscribing to a random wormhole potentiality, so that once in a while in a TP you are offered a surprise destination that will gather a random group of people together. Kind of like when the bus or the subway breaks down and you start talking to those anonymous humans around you to learn that they are actually interesting.


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