A “Virtual Unknown” for President

Pais has become increasingly vocal in the public arena about his views. He cares passionately about his world and the fate of his fellow beings. This has created a grass-roots level of support and interest. Is America ready for an avatar politician?

Will Flo and Ruslan be next in the Pais Kidd for President movement to shift their support from Obama to a me?


5 responses to “A “Virtual Unknown” for President

  1. awesome awesoem awesome.. hehe

  2. id vote for u

  3. omg … Pais, that is … STUNNING !!!

    Yeah, I might vote for you. But where do you stand on the ISSUES ? Will you promise huge tax cuts for people with initials “R.L” ? Will you make the world safe for rich campaign contributors and huge oil companies ? Do you promise to reduce government spending … oh, I guess there are no more social programs left to cut *shrug*. Do you think that your candidacy will be able to cut across demographic lines to capture the furry and Gorean votes ?

    p.s. You are quite a blossoming creative talent. *hugz*

  4. that’s awesome pais hehe, pais for president!

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