Can the Knower be Known?

I was listening to the Alan Parson’s song “Some Other Time” where the question is asked, “…could it be that somebody else is looking into my mind, some other place, somewhere, some other time?” and in my mind’s eye I saw Pais sitting at his computer, in SL, and on that computer was Pais, sitting at his computer…  the old recursion thing… or what Dusan would maybe call a “strange loop”… and I was goofing around with it last night… check it out (click the image to load animated gif version)

Infinite Loops

Maybe it is not so much recursion, but really the human-avatar loop experience is a bit of what I remembered from reading the Upanishads – “How can the knower be known?” Those philosophical mystic dudes sure can blow a guy’s mind(s). Woot!

Update (15 July 2008) Check out this Onion Spoof on World of World of Warcraft


One response to “Can the Knower be Known?

  1. HAHAHAHA I love it! Looooooopy.

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