Kids5B Adult to Kid Transmogrifier

orignal concept drawing

I was thinking about people visiting Kids5B using adult avatars and seeing all the kids and thinking, like a lot of adults have asked when seeing my avatar, “Wow, cool, I want to be a kid. How do I do that?” Of course, most of us know it is a matter of doing the appearance edit and tweaking, which is easy to to do get to a “youth” sized av like mine, but to get to a little kid size, it takes some more serious effort.

So I got the idea that we could try to automate the process as much as possible, plus make it fun, and this is how I came up with the idea of the “adult to kid” transmogrifier. Perhaps your remember that the transmogrifier was a feature in the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”.  As it turned out, a number of others had the same idea.

Of course, my skills are pretty bad, so others have done all the things that make this work. First off, Danny helped find a site on the Kids5B area to locate this. Then I was failing miserably to create a build of a large box to act as the location for this, and Myrtil came a long and created one that looks really cool. Next, we needed a lot of stuff to use to cobble together the components of kid avatars, and numerous people collected and donated skins, shapes, clothes and stuff that were all made copyable/mod so they could be given out. Finally, we needed a brilliant scripter with a sense of humor to create the “transmogrifier” that could not only automate this process, but make it fun, and that was Jeremy.

I put together a video showing how it works. This is pretty much the first video I have done of this sort, and it is fairly crude, but I think it gets the point across.

Thanks to everyone that helped with this. We will be making it operational soon. Jeremy has now made it operational – try it out.

25 June 2008 Update: Kids5B is officially underway and I got a couple reports that it has been a popular spot. In fact, Rai told me this morning he witnessed the transformation of a group of adult avatars who, after being transmogrified to kids, ran over to his skate park and began shredding. Ah, so cool when a plan comes together, no?


One response to “Kids5B Adult to Kid Transmogrifier

  1. YAY… everyone i took to it thought it was awesome..

    job well done..

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