PrimBeach V86’ed

PrimBeach V2

I have been meaning to say a few words about PrimBeach for months.

Somewhere in my notes I have a number of observations and thoughts about not only this particular DJ/dance club, but some of the questions I think about when I see dynamics of our groups and communities in these places where we gather for events.

But then on 18 March 2008, rather suddenly, Flo pulled the plug on the club and issued a statement about closing in his blog. I am not going to try to rehash what he has said. I think if he wanted that he would have allowed comments on that post.

I respect Flo’s decision. I know how much time, effort, and love he put into making not only V2 of a beach club happen, but V1 as well. 


One reason I didn’t post on the closing of PrimBeach V2 until now is I was looking for some images I had of a fireworks show that looked really cool. So it goes. Maybe they will turn up later. Meanwhile, the above image is not the greatest, but it shows some of my favorite parts of not only the club, but the spirit of the club.

I loved the club because it was open to the sky and the water. You can’t see from this image, but the dance floor was glass so when you were listening to music, chatting, playing trivia, dancing, and stuff; you could see the water and the fish below. On this particular day, Lugo was so funny because he was swimming with the fishes in scuba gear beneath the floor. It had us all cracking up – we’re living as kids, here, so having fun is the premium expression of our art form, as it were. Check out the kid sitting on top of the dance ball over the middle of the floor. I dunno whether he was goofing on us or if he tried to click it to dance and ended up selecting ‘sit’ instead.

I have good memories of PrimBeach, and I commend the Flos and the Calebs and the Lokis and the Geminis and the Koffees who create places like this for us to gather, be entertained and feel a sense of community. There are also the people that DJ or entertain, work behind the scenes, or donate funds to make these clubs function. All these people deserve our appreciation.

There are a lot of well-funded types like large corporations that try to create a presence in SL that get pretty much zero traffic or interest because the are just not getting what “It” is. SL and the metaverse in general is pretty much a barely-settled wilderness, and people like Flo are creating outposts for pioneers to gather and live. I thank them for their efforts and I look forward to seeing and being a part of the next thing that springs forth in our community.


3 responses to “PrimBeach V86’ed

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  2. Ruslan Laryukov

    Ditto. Big thanks and hugz to all those who provide “leadership” for our community, and venues for us to get together and have fun. I miss V2 a lot … but I can also understand Flo’s decision. It’s a lot of fun but also a lot of work doin’ this stuff, and when the work outweighs the fun, then it’s everyone’s right to do a re-think.

  3. sachamagne

    when the works outcome the fun, time to leave…

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