Globalized Pais

I happened upon this interesting graphic from The Economist with polling results comparing US and British attitudes.
(click the thumbnail to see the graphic)
It occurs to me if I posted something yesterday in a reactive mode to SL, why not share an observation that is more proactive about my experiences.
Pais visits daily with his family, friends, and neighbors in SL. None that I know of live within 500 km of his RL home. Months ago one I talked about time zones w/r/t the global nature of relationships through SL, but now that my friendships have deepened, as I look at trans-Atlantic attitudes in places like the article, I am reminded how munch my own world view has been expanded by Pais’ playmates in SL. Way cool.

2 responses to “Globalized Pais

  1. Yes it is totally kewl! And it works both ways ::) SL has not only allowed me to experience stuff I otherwise probably would never have, but also with the most wonderfull people I ever met. Released from geographic restraints the potential for meeting kindred spirits on any area increases dramatically. This was already true before 3D interactive environments, but my loved ones in SL (you know who you are) enhance and enrich my ‘real life’ everyday! Thanks for being on this great journey wit me!

  2. Ruslan Laryukov

    Yeah, I saw that, too … kinda confirms why I’m “over here”, with no plans to go back “there”. *sigh*

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