Events and Milestones


This weekend us kids helped Robin Fegte celebrate his 12th birthday. The image above is a poster that was set up with part of the decorations at the party. I gotta apologize for setting the world to daylight before I took the pics. My attempts to fix them later was also munged.

Robin is such a sweet kid so it makes sense that all his friends at the part were also some of the nicest people I know showed up. There was lots of goofing around and cool music, including live tunes by Janor.

We’ve been having fun with those hug ring things that allow any number of people to get into a group hug. Take a look at the image at the top of one of my other posts to see some of us using this neat pose thingee.


The images above and below are our attempt to set a record at the number of people in a hug… but it was probably way too many… and turned into hilarious chaos. Meanwhile Janor was playing a really trippy rendition of the Grateful Dead song “Dark Star” so as I was dealing with script and prim errors, standing in some strange air hug, I could only laugh at the scene. I am pretty sure we maxed it out and I don’t know how many actually got in the hug. Sacha was shouting that we were bringing down the sim and was citing various error codes – like a bunch of kids would care until the thing crashes.


Of course, Pais is a contemplative boy and after the excitement of the party he was sitting alone waiting for his bestest buddy Flo to get back from some RL stuff, and I was thinking about how events like rez-days, birthdays, and holidays. As Dusan would say, further down the proverbial rabbit hole, bringing our RL celebrations, event milestones, and holidays with us.

I think about how we gathered together to mourn the passing of our friend Dummie Beck. It was real. We knew a real person was behind this avatar and he had passed. As we were standing at Nemo paying our respects, I flashed back to one of my early experiences in SL starting at that very beach. Loki showed up at the helm of his airship and a bunch of us kids jumped on for a ride. As we went over one of the neighboring sims, we saw below a gathering that looked as if it was a funeral. I remember thinking how incongruous it was – it simply was beyond my comprehension at that time that a RL milestone such as that would ripple into the SL metaverse. I wondered if it was a RL passing or a role-played passing, or some other permutation. As the fates had it that day, as we crossed over a sim crossing, it caused the airship to glitch and it dumped about a dozen boys down onto the proceedings. I remember thinking that is was so silly to see the juxtaposed sobriety and gaiety, but now I hope we didn’t mar the event too much if it was as real to them as our day with Dummie’s memory was to us.

I have to admit, seem to have brought my disdain for Christmas starting at Halloween in the commercialized habituations we have. I guess Pais’ human doesn’t bring all the aspects of childhood to his character, since when he visited some friends working on creating a Christmas tableau, he couldn’t help but seeing the next weeks of the calendar in his mind as a grinder of something being foisted on him rather than happy expectations of a cool yule.


Ok, so when I saw the snowman in the bent-over position, I couldn’t help but whisper to a certain unnamed mischievous boy with me that it looked like the snowman was having a little Christmas poo… hehehe… and he added a couple brown prims you can see in the above image to take it the rest of the way. Maybe as the winter solstice gets nearer I will begin to feel less cynical about the holiday – in any of my metaverse projections.


2 responses to “Events and Milestones

  1. Ruslan Laryukov

    /me sneaks up behind pais and pounces him *giggle*

    p.s. commercialized habituations :-P

  2. THAT’S MY BOY !! *giggles*

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