Alloy came up with the idea that we get together in our halloween costumes, get ourselves all rowdied up, then TP en mass to places to run around for a little Halloween fun.


I dressed in my skeleton costume that I accessorized a wee bit – you can see the boney version of my neko tail. What you can’t see in the above picture is the wicked cool eye attachments I added that allowed me to shoot red laser beams out of the eye-holes of my skull. What I didn’t realize when I first got them was not only do they cause that they hit to burn (which is hilarious) but they are also deadly – I accidentally killed someone who walked in to the laser’s path while I was playing with them. Heheheehe. They came in handy later when we were at the Greenies place trick-or-treating and I encountered a big old cat.


I was saying hi to the Greenie guy in what turned out to be the cat’s food dish and the cat got a little scarey. I thought it would be cool cause I had my cat ears on, but when got really threatening, I jumped on my sky bike and torched that old dirt bag puddy-tat.


Hehehe, don’t worry cat lovers, he wasn’t really hurt.

Check out some of the other guys I was with


Pretty funny, huh? That’s Alloy as the ghost, some lady with purple hair that we were asking for candy, Rod with the punkin-head, Nefu as the spaceboy, and Flo was shredding around on a skateboard dressed as Loki.

Here’s another pic of Flo, he was dancing at Aspen and I didn’t get a very good snapshot.


Speaking of Aspen’s Halloween Party, check out the winning costume that Gavin Little was wearing. I got front and read images cause it was so cool.


He is dressed as several kid’s hangouts, like The Vortex, Flo’s Beach Club, and Nemo Beach.


The model of the Vortex even had a working tip jar, but I wasn’t able to click on it cause it was so freaking tiny and Gavin couldn’t hold still, but what the heck, he won a boat load of linden$ by winning the contest.


5 responses to “Trick-or-treat’n

  1. I’m happy you had fun.
    At least some were happy.

  2. Great story and costume Pais, glad you had fun!


  3. Heh that winning costume was cool. Sorry I couldn’t stay to go to the greenies sim with you all, but I had fun earlier even if you did kill me ^^. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Mav.

  4. Ruslan Laryukov

    Snoogies Pais :-))

    Great blog … and such a kewl costume!
    (but of course, Gavin’s was just *amazing*, omg)

  5. ur werid lol :) xxx

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