RADIO PAIS is on the Air


So check it out, dudes! Here I am in the picture above testing out the sound system at a DJ booth. OK OK, I know nothing about working vinyl platters like the pose shows, but I was sitting with iTunes flipping through the coolio “album flow” thingee and the music was coming out to the sim feed to anyone that cared to hear it. Of course, it was good it was not busy there today so I could goof around and not worry about making mistakes in front of a lot of people. I have to admit, it took a while to get the kinks worked out with all this junk before it was working well.


It was bound to happen – first off, my boyfriend runs Flo’s Beach Club, which is a fun place to dance and listen to music played by DJs. You can see by my picture below it is cool dance club space.


In the picture there is only me standing in the middle of the dance floor. Of course, when Flo has one of his parties, the place is filled with cool kids kicking it.

I like the beach club aspect – the open sky and sea – plus see how the dance floor is glass so you can actually see the sharks swimming below? wicked cool, right? And don’t worry, Flo has the shark well-fed. I fell off the dock yesterday and the shark just swam past me like I wasn’t there.

Anyway, after hanging out at a lot of shows I started thinking it would be cool to do a show or two myself. Maybe sometime when a DJ cancels at the last minute I can talk Flo into letting me take a turn at it.

So the next factor that led me to doing the music broadcast thing is my good buddy Tsukasa has a SHOUTcast Radio Streaming Store with these brilliant automatic vendors. Hanging out with him I learned the basic mechanics of how he supplies Flo’s Club and many others with a way to rent streaming by the hour, day, week, month, whatever.

Before learning about his stuff, I only consumed feeds, and I hadn’t concerned myself how those streams get down the pipe to me. I asked so many dumb questions talking to Tsu about this, but it all makes sense now.


This image from Tsu’s store didn’t come out so great. It is kind of dark, but also you can’t see the hover text on each one telling how many streams are being used all over the SL metaverse. You can see he has a bunch of these vendor thingees that customers just click and pay and they are programmed to do the magic to set up the stream on his megaserver farm and then it spews out the info you need to be broadcasting.

I had been stuck at home after a little visit to the hospital so I got myself an iPod and was ripping CDs like crazy. I run SL on a MacBook so I used iTunes for the music. So now I had all this music sitting there and I wanted to know how to hook it up with Tsu’s streams to play in a place like Flo’s.


This is where my buddy Bobby came in. I knew that he was an Apple fanatic, and I also know he has recently started DJing. I saw him at Tepic’s rezday party today and thought, “Hey, I bet he knows how to broadcast from iTunes on a Mac!”, I IMed him and he told me about Nicecast. He walked me through the setup (thanks again Bobby :-) and next thing I knew I was pumping music from my little MacBook into Flo’s Club. The image above shows the Radio Pais studio, as it were, on my screen.

I dunno if I have a place with the real DJs out there, you guys are way much hipper than I am with the shows you do. I was thinking my selections of music might be more suitable as a lounge kind of thing, where we could sit around and chat with music in the background. That is why I am so far I am calling it “Radio Pais” and not myself as “DJ Pais”. If I was more totally rock & roll, I would call broadcast “Kidd Rox” :-) hehehe, ok, excuse the pun.


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