Shameless Plug


This is an image of me hovering in front of the store display of some shirts I did for the “FloWear” line. I am wearing my favorite creation – the “cat skull” shirt. So many kids have a little Neko thing going that I have been having fun creating shirts with a feline-related graphic. Since it is near Halloween, I did the skull and some other shirts with a seasonal bent. Maybe eventually I can start making more complex clothes and stuff. Time is a factor.


My first shirts were not all that great… just plain old white T-shirts with a graphic. I made several as practice efforts. Flo put 8 of them in this box in front of me in the above image – for only $20L. Surprisingly, they sell pretty good, but I don’t even know if people know what is in the box until they buy :-). Caveat Emptor, eh? At that price, curiosity won’t kill the proverbial (dare I say) cat.

Flo’s stores (be sure to visit PrimBorium Kid’s Mall, too :-) are cool, especially now he is using friends to model his clothes, so it is fun just to come and check out all the pictures of the models he has. I suggested he publish the images in something like a calendar, “The Boys of FloWear”, or at least in his blog, where he can detail the names and stuff for each one. I will let you know if he does.


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