Goofing around

Today’s post is just going to be some pictures that I want to share from some fun things we have been goofing around with.


Flo, Robin, Me, and Bobby trying out the cool race track in the sky above our beloved K Shima. I came in dead last. Bobby observed that I must not have played much in the way of video games. True dat.


Check out Flo’s new speed boat. He changes the colors a lot, which is cool. This sucker moves nice, and has a nice growly motor sound.

That reminds me, SL would be cooler if these things could better cross sim boundaries at top speed without the thing going sideways and our attachments getting knocked to kingdom-come, eh? Worse than that are ban lines on sims… you are going along with the wind and sea-spray in your air and then out of no where *WHAM* into some nasty ban lines and you are murderized.


I stopped by Nemo to check up on my little brother and I found some of the guys getting sill with a stage that had pose balls so that we all were doing the “YMCA” song. For a few Lindens I quickly found a sailor suit and joined in (yea, I just watched the video and realized there is no sailer in the dang thing :-). Of course, you may also notice that I am the dork that is not synchronized with the rest of the guys dancing – I am doing the “Y” while they are doing the “A” – sheesh.


One response to “Goofing around

  1. Bobby Offcourse

    boy, youre crazy. But we love you for it. The go kart race was fun!! Lets do that again soon!!

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