This is Sacha, and I became his big brother recently. Before that, I had no family and although I knew other kids had family like moms and dads and brothers and stuff, I didn’t think I was a family kind of kid.  I met Sacha and I soon knew he needed the influence of a caring older brother. I found out later that my Flo had already beat me to it, he and Sacha had already adopted each other as brothers. So now we are a family.  I didn’t think I had an ounce of resposiblity in me, but when I am around my new little bro, I feel very protective. Flo’s a little more strict than I am, but I am learning the importance of keeping Sacha out of trouble. He’s so full of energy and mischief, if one takes his eyes of him for a minute he can be in so much trouble so fast.


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