The intro

My name is Pais Kidd and I am an avatar in Second Life. I was born on 18 February 2007, during a snowstorm that stranded my human at his home with his computers and a high speed internet connection. The human wasn’t a computer game player, but had been reading and hearing about massively multi-player online games, and this seemed a good time to take a look. There were mixed feelings – he spends enough time with computers at work, he didn’t want to have some game causing more screen and keyboard time. He also thought that most players were otherwise socially-inept weirdos from the old dungeons and dragons stereotype, but some of the things written about SL (Second Life) piqued interest.  So with an open mind it was downloaded and an account was created and for a day or two my human explored as series of avatars. At this point he was really quite stand-offish in attitude and was trying a lot of different appearances and interactions with others. At one point while, shoveling snow from his driveway he paused to see the steam from his breath and he thought, “I can be any one in this world, what is it I want to be most?” After more shoveling and aimless thoughts, it occurred to him: a kid. There were those times in boyhood – old enough to have a mind but young enough to be free of most responsibility and other of the dreary aspects of adulthood.

So that evening in SL my human took his av (avatar) to a private location and tweaked it into roughly a kid’s size and appearance, and searched for locations that looked like there might be other kids hanging out. They found Loki’s places and met other kids and it was all starting to click. These guys were fun, and my human was very comfortable playing a kid. Actually, as he contemplated, in his mind’s eye he always has been that kid.

The problem was that avatar had a history, albeit brief, that was haunting him.  For that, and for a few other reasons, it was decided to start fresh with a new identity, and Pais Kidd was born. “Pais” means “boy” in Greek (παῖς), and the last name, selected from a list provided by SL, is probably a little too pun-ish and cheesey, but there it is.


5 responses to “The intro

  1. Ruslan Laryukov

    /me jumps up and down excitedly

    P A I S !!!!

  2. I just found your blog!! Write more for me! You’re a good writer! **hugs**

  3. Zackery Oppewall

    GO PAIS GO!!! Heheh.. I will give Shakes right, write more! *grins*

  4. Pais!!

    Love your weblog! You definitely are a good writer and i’ll be happy to check often to see what you put down here!! I’m happy and proud to be your friend!!


  5. Keekat Ninetails

    Hello Pais!

    I was so happy to discover your blog. You are indeed an excellent writer, and a very insightful one at that. I look forward to reading more of your entires.

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